When it rains on a Tuesday

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When it rains on a Tuesday

Postby Will Hunt » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:53 am

Looking at the last seven or so Tuesday night meets, it looks like about 5 of them have been cancelled due to wet weather. In some (most, I think?) of these cases, the Wednesday evening turned out beautiful, or else there was dry rock elsewhere on the Tuesday night.

What with my family circumstances, and other projects I'm working on which take up time at the weekends, it means that evening sessions are quite valuable. It's rare that in the event of a wet Tuesday, I couldn't do the Wednesday instead.

Ought we to have a go-to protocol that we use in the event of wet weather (similar to our approach to weekend meets)? So, for instance, if the scheduled Tuesday crag is due to be wet we go down the list in order of preference:
1. Move the meet to a crag that is expected to be dry (not necessarily Almscliff). This might make me unpopular but it's worth bearing in mind that sometimes when the taller trad crags are still receiving drainage, the exposed boulders are in a dry and climbable condition - so an open mind to which activity you partake in helps!

2. Put the meet back to Wednesday if forecast to be dry. No obligation from John to try and attend!

3. Head to the wall/Depot on the Tuesday night.

Obviously people are free to make their own plans around that, but I think if there was an "official" club position it might make it easier to co-ordinate some sort of outdoor climbing?

For what it's worth, I was thinking of going out bouldering somewhere tomorrow night if anybody is interested. Probably Caley Roadside or Ilkley Buckstones.
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Re: When it rains on a Tuesday

Postby Mountain_Bee » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:21 pm

I always thought changing the summer outdoor meet to a Tuesday was a bad idea lol. I thought people did go to the wall as the wet weather option...
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Re: When it rains on a Tuesday

Postby John McMahon » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:48 am

This is an interesting point, brought into focus by the terrible weather on recent Tuesdays.
Last year we were lucky. There was a disproportionate number of inclement Wednesdays, so the Tuesday versus Wednesday thing is irrelevant as far as the weather goes.
At the AGM, I did propose the idea of a 'flexible' midweek meet, where the meet day could be switched according to the weather. With this website used to communicate the day the weekend before.
This was rejected, because people liked the set midweek meet day, as it was easier to organise their busy lives around it.
Maybe the idea could be debated again before the next AGM, given the unreliable weather in our wonderful British summers.

john mcmahon
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Re: When it rains on a Tuesday

Postby Will Hunt » Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:43 pm

I'd agree that unless climbing just isn't possible on the Tuesday then keep the meet on the regular day. It does make it easier to organise schedules. I'd only propose a shift to the Wednesday if the meet had to be declared cancelled due to crap weather on the Tuesday. In that instance, those not free on the Wednesday could still go to the wall, but it would make it easier for those free on the Wednesday to arrange a trip out.
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