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Annual Dinner 2017 Awards

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:56 pm
by Marq
Following on from last year the awards will be decided on the evening by secret ballot rather than by the committee.

The idea is for nominations to be received by the committee before our last committee meeting before the dinner at which we will shortlist. This shortlist will then be available at the dinner for people to vote on.
The categories are:
- Contribution to the club (Keith Waddell award)
- Mountaineer of the year
- Best improver

Please send to me or someone else on the committee your nominations along with your rationale before Sunday 22nd October.


Re: Annual Dinner 2017 Awards

PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:19 pm
by Marq
Any more entries?

Re: Annual Dinner 2017 Awards

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:18 am
by Marq
Any more nominations?

Re: Annual Dinner 2017 Awards

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:19 pm
by Lindsay M
Submitted mine :)

Re: Annual Dinner 2017 Awards

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:34 pm
by Marq
And the results are in....

Contribution to the club (Keith Waddell award): Mark Beecher
Will Hunt
Will is always willing to teach people, even though he's under no obligation to do it. He spent an entire meet with me last year just teaching me gear placements (didn't convince me into a full blown lead though) and did the same this year with Lindsay S. I think it takes a certain kind of person to give up their whole session to teach a noob, especially when he could be off beasting really hard stuff with the better climbers instead.

Helen Costelloe
Helen has spent the last three years as treasurer for the club doing battle with the Yorkshire Bank. She has also previously been Climbing Coordinator. In her spare time she has organised several bike rides and baked lots of sweet things. A meet led by Helen is guaranteed to have lots of cake.

Mark Beecher
Nomination 1
Mark has done 3 years as chair and he's a bit of an unsung hero. He's really sorted the club out, organised it, is excellent at making meetings happen (and finish!) with no fisticuffs/bloodshed/deaths through boredom etc., has made the club workings much more transparent and generally keeps things ticking over. He went above and beyond for the 50th things and is generally an all round good egg and I think it's time someone told him so.
Nomination 2
He has run the club very very well, I think the links with the BMC have improved and also would add he's been an advocate for training, matching needs to LMC events to give far more confidence to the less experienced. Navigation and rope work.

Improver: Lindsay Stagg
Lindsay Stagg
When she first joined last summer she'd just done a beginners course at Leeds wall. On her first meet she was struggling to finish a single climb and ended up with horrendous grit rash from falling off. She loved it anyway and kept trying. This summer she's been learning to lead trad routes at Brimham and on-sighted Tip Off (E2) at Caley. She's been placing pretty well in the city bloc bouldering leagues too…

Bee Matthews
In the past year she has taken on the role of Walk Co-ordinator for the LMC and has done a great job at leading day walks. She has also recently undertaken some walk leadership training and has applied her new knowledge and skills to the role.
Bee has put together a varied and interesting combination of day walks and has introduced some new routes into the LMC programme this year. She has put a lot of effort into planning the routes and walks them in advance to ensure she is very familiar with the route and facilities etc on them. She is very careful to describe them accurately in advance on the bulletin board too. Bee has developed into an excellent group leader. She always make sure walkers of all abilities are made welcome and remain safe at all times during the walks she leads. She has made the walk leader role her own and is a real ambassador for the club.

Norbert de Mello
Norbert has been dogged by various injuries over the last few years, and on the few times I'd climbed with him was content to stick to leading VDiffs and Severes.
No longer able to do Alpine mountaineering, he's put a concerted effort into his rock-climbing this year: attending many of the evening meets and getting up to the Lakes midweek to climb with Dave Curtis. I was surprised and impressed when we teamed up to climb for 5 days in Pembrokeshire that he was confidently leading solid VS routes, and onsight to boot - a standard that he has not acheived for many years, and with a determined attitude to consolidate at that grade. All he needs now is a new (decent) pair of climbing shoes to replace his 1990s relics!

Mountaineer of the year: No nominations, not awarded.