PCU hut Snowdonia 7th-8th July

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Re: PCU hut Snowdonia 7th-8th July

Postby norbert » Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:12 am

JR wrote:Where was the padlock then?


Neatly hidden under a rock by the gate.
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Re: PCU hut Snowdonia 7th-8th July

Postby norbert » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:51 pm

OK - I have surfaced from under a huge pile of exam marking and here is a meet report...

Meet report PCU Llanberis July

We arrived to find several cars waiting at the gate and for the key.
James unlocked the gate after getting the key and we parked up and began to unload, hurried by the midges. Someone carefully stashed the lock under a big rock.
Those on the course the next day packed their sacks, ready for the morning whilst the rest of us made great plans, lubricated with alcohol.

The next day, Marq, Karl, Luke, Dave C, Cath, Adrian met the instructor and set off for to be told how to climb efficiently. I hadn’t bothered to go on the course since I have started to absorb Yorkshire tendencies… ‘you can tell a Yorkshireman; but you can’t tell him much…’ Claire, John and Sara set off for the Glyderau on the ‘Lost necklace route’ demonstrating that phone fitness apps are actually quite useful in the mountains. Tom and Jen went to Idwal and linked the Slabs with Central Arete on Glydr Fawr. JR and Vicky did Rowan Route and Columbyne on Milestone/Tryfan. Sandra and Neil did Lorraine Direct on Dinas Mot and then Cenotaph Corner. Lindsay and I planned to stay in Llanberis but all car parks were rammed and we ended up at Milestone near Vicky and James. We did the Super Polished Direct Route on Milestome buttress where I had a chance to admire myself in the mirror like surface of the holds. Vicky and James were impressed with my climbing technique and provided ample vocal encouragement. Lindsay and I then roped down the Gully of Doom together. On the way down we glimpsed a ring ouzel at the bottom of Rowan Route. Having had enough of high things we wandered off to Little Tryfan and did Slab 2.
In the multi-pitch efficiency course, skills such as: organising the belay in readiness for the second, racking gear as you second so a quick swap is facilitated, tying off the second and clipping in so that it is easy to swap over the belay device when cross leading and lapping the rope had been covered. All very useful skills. If only I had them.

That evening there was a mega chilli-fest. It was quite amazing how all the chilli dishes were very different. There was also much debate as to the correct quantity of rice required but everyone had more than enough to eat and the ‘craic’ was oiled by copious beer, wine and of course margaritas. ‘It’s a long slow drink’ said Karl, as a few began to go goggle-eyed.
Later there was some extreme juggling with steel boules balls and some bat spotting with the longest sunset ever. Someone had a birthday and so there was a necessary session of extended drinking.

I’m not quite sure what happened on Sunday morning. Karl, Neil and Paulina went off to rescue themselves with the aid of the instructor and lots of rope. I did some sums and worked out the cost of the meal to be £4.30 per head (but was not thinking straight and later that day after counting Karl’s fajitas found out it was more like £4.90). Bargain.
Cath and Dave went off to Tryfan to do a Severe Arete on the East Face, Lindsay and Sandra did something in Ogwen – Tryfan or the Slabs (sorry I was struggling to keep up at this point and also missed what Marq and Vicky did) JR and Luke did Left Wall on Dinas Cromlech, Adrian mopped the whole hut, Claire set off for some puppy love, Tom and Jen had bought a new rope but I don’t know where they went and what they did with it, John attempted to recycle the bin-full of bottles but was thwarted by the lack of any recycling facilities in the valley and ended up driving a very long way in order to bring the bottles back to the hut and then eventually take them away (with Sara and I) in his car. Sara and I were dropped off at the CC hut in Llanberis by John and wandered up the Parson’s Nose and on to Crib-y-Ddysgyl. I think that’s it, if I have missed someone, or something, out – sorry!

Before leaving in the morning, there was a super cleaning frenzy. Amazing. I’m sure we leave the huts cleaner than the way we find them.

At the end of the day Dave, Cath, Karl, Sara and I were back at the hut finishing off the last of the chilli, packing up and tidying up the hut. We spent a bit of time looking for the lock for the gate and eventually found it – nicely stashed under a rock.
Thanks everyone for a super meet! Can’t wait for the next one.
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