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Re: Training 2018

Postby Lindsay M » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:52 am

JR - Harrogate CC have chains at floor level by the fire doors that are ideal for practicing before sport climbing outdoors. I think HuddCC have it too. Sarah S and I both used it before heading out to Spain to make sure we were confident. Happy to show anyone who isn't sure.
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Re: Training 2018

Postby Will Hunt » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:25 am

Lindsay M wrote:Will and Luke, if you guys are happy to spend a bit of time on basic skills it would be much appreciated.

Happy to do this. One thing that I would say is that if people are wanting to learn to lead then it would be worth doing some homework before coming on the meet to learn the basics of placing gear. Teaching how to build belays, and lead routes is much easier if people are equipped with this info. It's quite difficult at lots of the crags we visit on Tuesday nights to teach the basics of gear placement because there is a lack of good, varied gear placements at ground level in a concentrated area.

These videos are a good place to start:
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Re: Training 2018

Postby Luke J » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:53 am

Lindsay - No problem, we can sort something out.

As Will said - a bit of pre reading/video watching definitely helps. I have the Libby Peters 'Rock Climbing Essential Skills and Techniques' book which is gives really clear descriptions and advice on everything from placing gear to building belays to horrendously complicated rescues. Happy to lend it out to anyone interested.

JR - I have been on courses for some of those things and have read up and tried out the techniques on others so I supposedly know how to do them. I'm certainly not in a position to teach anyone but I'd definitely be keen to join LMCers wanting to go over this stuff as a group refresher/troubleshooting exercise. I try and go over it before I go on any big trips and inevitably forget it by the time the next one rolls round.
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Re: Training 2018

Postby LindsayStagg » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:41 pm

I would also be interested in doing a course on navigation and basic rope work...Setting up belay and so on.
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Re: Training 2018

Postby SarahS » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:06 am

Late to the party but I'd love to learn more ropework skills - essentially self rescue stuff - and more confidence in gear placement so I can push my grades. Lacking so much in confidence in trad leading. :(
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Re: Training 2018

Postby Sarae » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:02 pm

Thanks for the responses all.
So the scores on the doors looks like this:

Lindsay s
Lindsay Mc
Sarah S
Ed Steele,
are interested in some kind of basic rope work.

Luke, Will, Will and Karl have offered to show folks the ropes, literally. This will NOT be a training course, it’s just sharing knowledge and skills with fellow club members regarding rope work. I emphasise this is not a training course.
The aforementioned fellows will be in touch on the B.B. of what they can offer and potential dates (most likely on a Tuesday evening)

In terms of Navigation,
Lindsay S
all have expressed an interest.

I’ve checked out subsidised courses with the BMC (of which there are none avaialable this year). So I am afraid, we can’t help out with subsidies much (or at all) this year

I chatted with Peak Mountaineering (the company who we have previously used for our rope work/alpine skills/nav training), who have some ‘ itineraries’ which we can plug into. Basically they charge their daily rate (approx £200), and we can have a number of people attending.
The move to lead climb outside can be provided, but the training ratio is usually 1:2.

I am awaiting their e mail but thought I’d provide an update.

In summary, I will post out suggested itineraries when I receive them (from (Peak Mountaineering), we know what the rate is, so depending on numbers, we know the cost per person.

We can put on a ropework ‘show & tell’, which hopefully will offer a helpful insight as to what people think they need in terms of learning to lead/ moving outside and we can firm up training with a fully qualified company.

In addition, I discussed winter mountaineering/winter skills training which may be another are people may be interested in.

Happy to receive feedback.
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