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The LMC is open to anyone who enjoys the mountains for walking, climbing, running, mountain biking, skiing or whatever other adventurous activities you can think of!

We meet every fortnight somewhere mountainous in the uk (and occasionally abroad) and we meet on the first tuesday of the month for a pint and a gossip in The Palace in Leeds and some of us can also be found at Leeds Wall (Tuesday) or CityBloc (Thursday) or The Depot on a regular basis over winter or when it's raining.

We hold a new members evening on the first Tuesday of every month at The Palace from 9:30pm. So come along and meet the rest of the club!

There are no prerequisites in terms of ability for membership and amongst the members we have a wide range of ability, experience and age. As long as you act responsibly regarding safety you can enjoy your chosen activity at the level you want.

Upcoming Meets
DateMeetMeet LeaderNotes
27th May 2015E AlmscliffJohn McMahon Jewel of Yorkshire.
31st May 2015D Kinder Scout Paul S 
3rd June 2015E Brimham RocksJohn McMahon Weird and wonderful.
10th June 2015E Heptonstall QuarryJohn McMahon Don't get lost in the woods.
June 12th-13thC WoolerAndre 
17th June 2015E SlipstonesJohn McMahon High mooreland rough grit.
21st June 2015D MalhamPaul S 
24th June 2015E CrookriseJohn McMahon Mid summer night's dream.
June 26th-27thC SnowdoniaTom J 
1st July 2015E Stanage PopularJohn McMahon Not popular for nothing.
4th July 2015E Anniversary PartyHelen Costelloe 50th Anniversary Party on Saturday 4th July. The venue is New Headingley Club, St Michael's Road, Headingley, LS6 3BG. The start time is 7.30pm and the bar closes at 11.30pm.
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8th July 2015E RivelinJohn McMahon Glorious views.
Jul 10th-11thC Cadair IdrisTBC 
15th July 2015E GiggleswickJohn McMahon One for the bolt clippers.
22nd July 2015E Malham Right WingJohn McMahon There are bolts in the middle.
 D = Day Meet     E = Evening Meet     H = Hut Meet     C = Camping Meet    
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