Leeds Mountaineering Club
Borrowdale - 23-24 April 2004

Bowderstone Hut

Coming up to Black Crag from Troutdale Cottages

Looking at Black Crag from path to Bowderstone
Troutdale Pinnacle - 6 pitches 105m Severe ***

Other climbers on Troutdale Pinnacle

Richard waits at 1st pitch on a busy Troutdale Pinnacle

Other climbers arrive at the bottom of TP

Early starters Ken & Aidan return after successfully completing TP (for the 9th time in Ken's case!)

Looking down from top of 2nd pitch of TP

Richard at belay for 4th pitch
"Traverse left and down the slabs below a steep wall to a corner. Swing across the steep left wall on polished holds and pull up to some ledges"

Richard at top of TP

Richard points at his shoulder

Mike relaxing at the top of TP

Other climbers at last pitch of TP
Holly Tree Corner - 5 pitches 82m VS **

Richard climbing HTC

Richard climbing HTC

Richard climbing HTC

A sling, a hex, a nut, hanging belay

Hanging belay looking down
Saturday evening

Susan - only member Borrowdale chapter of The Grand Order of Cassoulette (non-sausage) Chefs

.... meanwhile, A Blue Riband Family Outing for the night climbers of Woden's Face

.. oh and some plate spinning...

... Richard doesn't realize you need a plate...

... he cottons on but the audience remain unimpressed

Aidan trys his hand

Dave amazes Dave & John with his plate spinning skills
Bowderstone Pinnacle - 3 pitches 36m Diff **

Bowderstone Pinnacle

Hell's Wall & Bowderstone Pinnacle

Direct Start BP - HS

Rachel and Graham at the top of BP

Rachel and Graham at the top of BP

2nd pitch BP

Rachel, Graham, John & Dave after completing BP - aerial view

Mike at top of BP

Relaxing on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Bowderstone

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